Bonsai pot (shohin Bonsai)

Tokoname, Shigaraki and Mashiko


  • BIGEI  Born in 1939, He studies pottery and study potter`s wheel by oneself in 1958. Begin make a grounding of wood pot in 1969.
  • BONSAI Born in 1958,his birth name is Hiroyuki Matsushita.  The fourth generation Matsushita pottery garden of Tokoname. A father is Reiho. After studying advance guard ceramic art,go back to making Bonsai.  It learns for two years in Tokoname Cerami
  • SHUHO His birth name is Hidemi Kataoka.


  • HISASHI YOSHIKAWA  Born in Mashiko-cho Tochigi prefecture in 1996.  He is a ceramicist. Who offered this work to him,then he tried make it.


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