Welcome to Kanuma City KABOKU CENTER

Kanuma City KABOKU CENTER is in the south east of the city, and it is located near the Kanuma Interchange on the Tohoku Express way. There are foothill belt 400,000m sq meters. It is an alias Moroyama. It is great distribution center of Satsuki, Flowers, Trees, Landscaping and Gardening materials.



Bonsai Seminar for beginers
Bonsai Seminar for beginers


October 12, 2013 we had a bonsai seminar for beginners. Participants are Italian people living in Tokyo Metropolitan area.


Famous bonsai artist, Mr. Toyoda taught them with his assistants, Mr. Yasuge and Mr. Sasaki who are formerly pupils of bonsai seminar.


After one-hour lesson, participants had completed their first bonsai. It must be a big fun for each of them.


Next year, late May or early June they will see beautiful flowers, “KAMINOYAMA-KOMACHI”


We have bonsai seminar six times a year. If you have any interest in bonsai seminar, please contact Mr. Obana who is in charge of bonsai seminar.


●Kanuma city will participate in the Suncheon Bay Garden EXPO 2013.